Automatically generate
Marketing Images
for Social Media

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Metaimage Features.

Collaborate in Teams

You can share projects and layouts within teams and collaborate with your team mates on the designs.

Keep your style

Design social media images the way you want them to look like, to perfectly fit your website and corporate identity.

Get more clicks

Social Media posts with images receive significantly more clicks than those without. Don't lose out on those sweet clicks!

Use Case

Open Graph Images

Generate images for social media link previews automatically for every blog post, product page, event page etc.

Supported Platforms/Applications:

Pick dynamic layers
from your figma designs

Our Figma Plugin makes it easy to pick text or image layers from your figma designs that you want to be dynamically filled.

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Image Layer

Supported Features:

Position Transparency Fill Rotation Size Rectangle Circle (coming soon) Rounded Edges (coming soon)

Text Layer

Supported Features:

Font Size Text Color Font Weight Letter Spacing Line Height Vertical Position Horizontal Position Font Family (only Google Fonts) Emoji Support (via Twemoji)

Stop spending hours creating Social Media Preview Images

Setup once to automatically generate new open graph images for your blogs, websites and web applications...

Limited Beta Deal!


$ 19 /month
  • 1 000 image generations

  • 5 domains

  • Collaborate with Team Members

  • No metaimage watermarks

  • Image Regeneration

  • Image Auto-Update

Limited Beta Deal!


$ 39 /month
  • Everything in Pro

  • 10 000 image generations

  • 20 domains